The tour will answer the question of how Lithuania's youngest city was built.
1,5 hour
10-25 people
Visagino savivaldybė

Discover more about the history, culture and modern life of Visaginas during our walking town tour. Visaginas is considered an enigmatic town with an intriguing nuclear past, many urban oddities and a unique internal culture. The tour itself will answer the question of how Lithuania's youngest town was built.
As part of the trip, you'll learn fascinating facts about the town symbol, visit the places the locals spend their time in and get to know how Visaginians used to live before and how they do now.

Apart from the cultural and historical spots, there may be other quirky places, introduced by authentic locals only. After the tour we guadantee we will dehunk the myths associated with our town and will surely inspire you to come here again!
Why choose this excursion?
  • Visit the main cultural landmarks
  • Visit the places known only by the locals
  • Get to know the town's residents
  • Learn more about the town's culture and history
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