Hike through dense forests, along beautiful lakes and close to spongy swamps. Pick some edible herbs and berries along the way in summer. In winter, immerse in a snowy forest fairy-tale, walk on frozen lakes and enjoy the silence of sleeping nature.
тур на весь день

Hiking tour with sauna

Perfectly balanced nature tour, designed to strengthen your immune system and bring you a feeling of deep relaxation and rejuvenation.
Тур на пол-дня

Wild nature hiking

Escape to wild nature by taking a 4 to 5-hour long guided hiking tour through Gražutės Regional Park. See wild Lithuanian nature, learn about local flora and fauna, pick some wild food along the trail and swim in the lake's open water.
7 - 14 JULY, 18-25 AUGUST 2018

Forests and lakes multi-activity

Ideal for those undecided about the type of activities they would like to try during one trip. This tour features hiking, fat biking and kayaking over 8 days spent in the beautiful forests and lakes of Gražutės Regional Park, with an opportunity to meet and learn from the local craftsmen.
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