We specialise in guided hiking, fat biking, kayaking and other activity tours in the Aukštaitija region, north-east part of Lithuania.
We offer an opportunity to escape the concrete jungles, feel the connection and unity with the nature and enjoy the fresh air. Our tours are a way to rejuvenate, to take care after your health and to clear your head. Our customers are mostly international travelers or people on business trips with a free weekend. We can accommodate both pre-planned and last-minute holidays - we believe it's never too late or too early to plan an escape to the outdoors.
Susiliek su gamta Lietuvos miškų glūdumoje
Safe travel
First-aid trained guide on all tours
Get healthy
Strengthen your immune system by breathing pine air
Culture and history
Learn from locals and visit historical nature sights
Small groups
Private and guaranteed departure groups of up to 10 people
Give your mind and eyes a bit of rest
Choice of activity
Hiking, fat biking, kayaking, SUPing
Our mission is to help you get those long-lasting, special memories. There will be revelations about yourself, there will be old and new relationships, there will be plenty of secrets uncovered
What memories do you bring back from travelling somewhere? Looking at our past experiences, we believe that the most vivid memories are from those times when you learnt something SPECIAL. Maybe some secrets opened up to you, you met a special person, or learnt something about yourself.

We are sick of those tour agents and operators offering mass-market tours in big buses, with a tour guide telling tourists "dry" historical facts about the country, those unwelcoming, "cold" hotels, restaurants in big cities pretending to show you the real, local way of living in the countryside (see the irony here?)... it's all so unnatural, so unsustainable and doesn't really show you the reality. With those tour companies you wouldn't meet real locals, you wouldn't see how they live in the countryside, you wouldn't experience what they experience.
Our approaсh
We pride ourselves at offering responsible tours in Lithuanian nature. What do we mean by responsible? We do our best to ensure that your travelling experience has a positive impact on the local nature, economy, ecology and is beneficial to the locals. We want you to fall in love with wild Lithuania and its real people in the most unobtrusive way. We also support the Regional Park by including the voluntary visitor tickets to the tour prices.
This is why we use public transport as much as possible and offer accommodation at authentic homestays throughout our tours. We collaborate with local craftsmen to create exclusive workshops and master classes for you. These experiences allow you to try yourself at something new and authentic: you can get yourself into our region culture and traditions, learn new ways of interacting with the nature and may even get your hands dirty!
We work extremely hard to offer you the experiences you are looking for. This is why we created a range of tours, which differ by length and type. This means that we can always suggest something special for everyone, be it a single traveller or a family with small children. And if, for any reason, none of our tours seem suitable for you, we can always provide you with an itinerary tailored to your requirements, just ask!
The best of its all, our tours are designed to be hassle-free. All you need to do, is book a tour, arrive to a tour's starting point in Lithuania (or use our transfer service) and enjoy your nature retreat. We do all the work of planning hiking routes and other activities, booking accommodation, organising meals and workshops, as well as taking care of any arising questions and needs.
Our team
Anton Jevtiuchov
Founder & Local Guide
Hiking and cycling in the wilderness is his passion, as well as foraging for edible plants and berries in forests. He is the tour guide for the majority of the tours, so you'll see a lot of him when you arrive.
Anastasija Jevtiuchova
General Manager
Anastasija looks after LitWild's marketing, administration and finances. She is always happy to help our customers with anything from choosing the right tour to assisting at a local market.
Jevgenija Cholodova
Photographer & Local Guide
Photographer, videographer, scout. She has done a myriad of walking and kayaking trips, overnight stays in tents in forests and mountains.
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