Available all year round.
  • from 7 Eur
  • 1 hour
  • 10-25 people
  • Visagino parkas

About Expierence
Would you like to learn how to operate a nuclear power plant?

Blink - the lights on the control panel are on. Blink – an alert system has started working. Blink - you are entrusted to operate the most powerful nuclear reactor.
All responsibility is on your shoulders. Will you manage?

Take part in an educational excursion to the Ignalina Nuclear Power Plant Control Room simulator! The simulator fully imitates the real plant's Control Room at the time of the Unit's shutdown, as of December 31, 2009.

NOTE. Due to technical repairs the simulator will not be switched on during the tour.
During the excursion the experts (who, actually, still work at the power plant full-time) will explain and show you how to operate a nuclear reactor from the control panel. They will also tell you about what it's like to work in the Control Room and why the simulator was necessary at all.

If technical condition of the simulator allows, experts will also simulate some emergency situations, which you'll try to cope with following the instructions of the experts. A once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to become a nuclear power plant operator just for a day!
Why choose this excursion?
  • True replica of the actual Ignalina nuclear power plant control panel
  • Thrilling and exciting experience
  • As seen in the HBO "Chernobyl" TV series
  • Get an understanding of nuclear power plant's operations
  • Available for visits on weekends (the actual power plant is not)!
  • Your excursion guides are the REAL people still working at the plant
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